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DICARVI was established on the 8th of January, 1973, in Vigo (Pontevedra), and is located in the NW of Spain very near the Portuguese northern border.

Ever since its inception, the firm has been specialising in the preparation, marketing and distribution of carved & processed meat products, using dressed pork carcasses as raw materials.

During this first phase, its range of business was restricted almost exclusively to cater to the needs of regional firms but gradually expanded geographically such that it now supplies its products to the whole of the Galician Autonomic Region, the North of Portugal, and it business frontiers range up to the British Isles and the Canary Islands. The above expansion and growth was chiefly due to the inauguration of its new plant in 1996, which effectively meant a higher production and a greater final product quality. The firm is presently undergoing rapid growth and its aim is to further diversify its markets both at the national and international levels by offering very high quality products and constantly striving towards improving quality via innovation in all aspects of the production process. Therefore, the company has always been willing to enter into new commercial agreements with other firms in order to access newer markets and cater specifically to that market since client satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Our company policy is to offer quality products and always strive to better the same.
DICARVI S.A. - Arrufana - Louredo, s/n - 36415 MOS - PONTEVEDRA -Tlf.: (+34) 986 335 599 - Fax.: (+34) 986 335 737